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Stylemine Trend Report: Trend Spotting on New Gen Z Outfit App

[Stockholm, 19/06] - Stylemine, a new Scandinavian social media app has Gen Z sharing what they’re wearing, authentically and unapologetically. Designed as a one-stop destination for outfit expression and inspiration, Stylemine allows users to effortlessly log their daily looks, participate in weekly trend challenges, and access an AI-driven 'Get The Look' function that connects looks they love with clever product suggestions from thousands of relevant brands. The app is now available for download on iOS in most European countries, most recently in the US and soon available on Android.

Search by aesthetic, trend or product type to get even more filtered inspiration on Stylemine. Explore the 27,500 thrifted looks, 10,000 Summer fits or go more niche with feeds devoted to dark Academia, colorful tights and how-to’s on office core. Check out our summary of five trends popping off this season in the Stylemine Trend Report SS23.

Described as a community rather than a user-base, Stylemine aims to change the fashion landscape in social media, the no-judgement space devoted exclusively to outfits driving more realistic outfit standards for those usually bombarded with influencer-heavy feeds elsewhere.

"Sometimes what I see on other apps is unattainable since it’s more so pics from runways, models or big influencers, but with Stylemine I get to see real life people…I see real life girls like me posting their outfits"

@nikkismith, member of Stylemine

From start, Stylemine has taken an innovative approach to research and community building, a devoted in-house ‘Community Team’ of young creatives and fashion experts working behind the scenes with product development, marketing and research.

”Being a content creator myself, it has been such an incredible opportunity to help mold a totally new kind of experience for people to post their outfits without being criticized for ‘trying to be an influencer’. In my eyes there’s total freedom on Stylemine to own your style through sharing it.”

Verona Farrell, Community Manager at Stylemine

Stylemine. Share what you wear.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Verona Farrell
Community Manager

About Stylemine:

Stylemine is a social media app where Gen Z are sharing what they’re really wearing, authentically and unapologetically. The app covers all bases when it comes to the question of what to wear; log your looks, join weekly trend challenges and find links to the pieces you love through our AI-driven ‘Get The Look’ function.

Join the style community where likes and followers aren’t as important as having fun while exploring what to wear.

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Stylemine allows users to effortlessly log their daily looks and participate in weekly trend challenges. Join the community where likes and followers aren’t as important as having fun while exploring what to wear. A social fashion app for Gen Z by Gen Z.