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Stylemine trend report 2023: "What Scandi Gen Z are actually wearing"

JUNE 19, 2023

As Gen Z’s relationship with social media shifts, many are left wondering where they’re now going to share what they’re wearing. Discover what the low-key ‘it girls’ are wearing in Scandinavia through the lens of new Swedish outfit app, Stylemine, a favorite for those who are always a step ahead in fashion.

Scroll down for our summary of 5 niche trends popping off this season, as spotted on Stylemine.

The inside out pants

What’s flipped from out to in? We haven’t seen this trend since the 90’s, but in recent months Gen Z has proven that this trend is more than just a quirky return to retro, but instead a subtle sustainable statement about the ease of repurposing.

We dug a little deeper and tracked down the girl that lead the Scandi resurgence…
“I just thought the pockets looked cool on the inside, and flipped them!” said @claracaarlen to the Stylemine team.

Are the inside out pants staying in our out? @notzeda, @claracaarlen, @sarasvalberg and @englalof

Mermaid Core

Inspired by the allure of Scandinavian folklore and sparked by the recent reimagining of 'The Little Mermaid', a new wave has swept over the fashion landscape: Mermaid core. This sea-inspired whimsical trend has caught the imagination of Styleminers after its profound splash on the runway. Outfit by @fayevda.

At the forefront was Dua Lipa and Donatella’s collection 'La Vacanza', the , crystal embellishments, metallic leather and aqua blues an instant hit among the Scandinavian fashion devotees.

Spotted: Stylemine Users diving into the colors of the sea wearing flowy dresses, sequin and messy hair. @philippaparnevik, @LinneaStrand, @sevynsinclair and @sissela

The Click-Clack of Clogs

With a respectful nod to their roots, young Scandinavians are reviving the wooden shoe, one step at a time.


Enter the clog, a 18th-century shoe glamorized by ABBA in the 70’s, and brought back to life once again in 2023. With 60% of the app’s users styling it with flowy maxi skirts, another 20% are keeping it casual with bootcut jeans and t-shirts. @witseverbist and @stephanakiis above.

And where might one find the best clogs? For Gen Z, the trusted source is always their favorite secondhand stores. The massive increase in Stylemine posts tagged with this trend tells us one thing; Gen Z have officially soft launched the clog as the new “it’s so uncool it’s cool” Summer shoe.

Party Lace

The new secret wardrobe weapon for a night on the town.

After endless Tiktok debate surrounding the chokehold that is the ‘jeans and a nice top’ party outfit combo, it’s clear this generation are seeking something more daring for their night-out wardrobe.

A wave of soft femininity has been flowing through the feed of the Stylemine trending page

Could it be that with the rise of Gen Z’s thrifting obsession, lace garments, with their enduring quality and eternal availability secondhand, are an easy target for the stylish yet conscious queen? Discover Lace 2.0 on Stylemine, often styled with neutral undies and super chunky boots. @philippaparnevik and @Abiisjo.

Sport tee's are winning the game

Who cares who’s playing when the uniforms look that good? Whether you’ve even held a football or not, everyone is invited to pull off the football uniform. Bloke Core, entrenched in 90’s Brit Pop and football hooliganism, travelled quickly on social media through Europe, the Scandis quick to catch on.

Team Messi, Ronaldo or Zlatan, bend it like @hamletdall and @chez.amelie and pair it with a the perfect crossbody bag or kitten heel, and you are ready to play! Get the team spirit soaring on Stylemine, where we merge the boundary-pushing energy of the stadium with the sophistication of the runway. Be ready to play, but make it fashion - add a touch of glamour to your athleisure, and celebrate your favorite players with a stylish twist.

Join us at Stylemine to uncover more chic trends and stunning outfits

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